More than just Monero & Cryptonight CPU miner

Why you need CryptoNightInOffice? If you have one miner or two miners, it probably will not do you any good. But what if you have tens, hundreds or thousands of Windows computers most of them idling most of the time or used as typewritters in remaining time… They can be used to mine cryptonight based coins like Monero/AEON and others and bring your business additional profit. But it will be very difficult to maintain and manage mining network of such scale using traditional miners like xmrig or xmrstak or any other, config managing or currency change will become a hell. Moreover console miner will be visible to users and will interfere into their work. CryptoNightInOffice solves all of this problems!


What makes it special

Does not interfere. For example you may configure mining agents to mine at half power(or even disable it at all) when user is logged in, and at full speed when screen is blocked. There are four states for which you may setup different mining intensity: no logged in users, local user logged in and active, at least one active remote session, blocked screen or inactive remote session(s).

Mining agent starts on Windows boot and works in background as system service, hidden from user. Compiled as sinlge exe, very easy to deploy, no need to install VC redist or any other libraries. Just copy and install as service.

Centralized management. Using web admin you may change mined coin, wallet, mining intensity settings at all computers in a few clicks. No need to manually copy customized config to each computer with miner.

How much you will earn?

It depends on hashing power you have. Here it is some reference values of what hashrate you can expect in different coins/algorithms at full speed:

CPU BitTube
Masari AEON
Pentium G4560 52 72 130 342
Core i5-2500 70 165 310 460
Core i7-3770K 100 210 370 906
Core i7-3820 110 305 570 1010

Compare coins and calculate estimated profit

System requirements

CPU with AES support (otherwise hashrate will be very low)

Windows x64: Vista, 8.x, 10

Windows Server x64: 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016

IE 11/Edge, Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox for configuration and monitoring